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2022 Helpdesk Guide - Knowledgebase / General - AngMar Helpdesk

2022 Helpdesk Guide

Authors list

Ticketing Departments

  • Forcura/HCHB/Pointcare/RSL/Direct Connect- Everything related to these 5 products and hair care tips, coffee shop recommendations, camping spots, sunsets
  • IT Support- Printers, Broken Tablets, New Tablet Requests, Farm Issues, Lame Jokes
  • Property Management- Toilets, Furniture, AC, Bugs, etc

HCHB/Forcura/RSL/Forcura/Direct Connect

Forcura- This section is for ALL things related to Forcura. 

  • Attachment Issues- You will use this if you are having issues with getting a document to attach in Forcura
  • Direct Connect- Send questions or issues with Direct Connect here
  • Fax Issues- For all Fax related issues in Forcura
  • Unable to process order- Having issues with an order? 
  • Other Forcura Issues- Have a Forcura issue not listed above please use this. 

Patient-This section is for ALL things outside of Scheduling, Workflow, and Referrals 

  • Demographics changes: Have the wrong patient Name, DOB, SSN, MBI…we got you
  • Override Access:  Need to override OASIS changes for a nurse that is not available? Submit them here, one ticket per visit you are needing to override OASIS changes on. Why? Tracking! ????
  • System Errors Not Related to Workflow: Have a visit the nurse completed but it’s stuck in Lalaland? 
  • Home Health: Patient related items specific to Home Health
    • No Billable Visits in a period- Please do not use this if the patient had a payor change, please use this for payor changes ???? More details will be released soon
    • OASIS Question Changes- Not related to DX or physician changes
    • Order Issues-NOT related to a ROC or 485
    • Other Patient Related Issues
  • Hospice: Patient related items specific to Home Health
    • Addendum Console
    • Bereavement 
    • IDG
    • Orders
    • Other Patient Related Issues

Payor Change: For Admitted patients who have had a payor change mid-episode.

Did the payor change after we admitted the patient? Submit here!! If the patient has not been admitted but the payor is wrong, please submit this under referral reset.

Pointcare/RSL- App issues including Visits/Calls still on the tablet

  • Pointcare- Please do not submit a ticket if it is a same day patient care issue. 
    • Send visits back for inactive employee: Did the nurse leave without notice and still has several visits on their tablet? I can now remove without logging into the tablet
    • Misc: All other Pointcare issues here 
  • RSL
    • MIsc: All RSL issues here 

Referral All things referral on a patient that has not been admitted. 

  • Referral Reset- Found out the patient has MCR instead of Zebracakes HMO PFFS PPO MCR ADV. Send it over so we can reset that workflow for you! 
  • Reverse Non-Admit: Have a patient that you nonadmitted this month and they have changed their mind? Let’s reverse it! 
  • MCR Eligibility-New Branches Only: Currently for Amarillo, Weatherford, and Waxahachie 
  • Initial Branch Charity-New Branches Only: for new startups only.
  • Duplicate Referral: Oops, was the patient already on service? Send it over we will get it removed! 

Scheduling: Anything related to a completed visit that is not on a tablet. 

  • Almost Complete: Have a visit the nurse completed but it’s stuck in Lalaland? 
  • Late Recert: Have a RCT that needs to be move to the new cert? 
  • Insufficient Authorization: Have you exhausted all of your brain power trying to figure out why you can schedule? We got you! 
  • Home Health
    • Visit Changes
      • Late charges: Have visits you need to verify but the claim is billed? 
      • Make Visit Nonbillable Billed visits that need to be made nonbillable.
      • Service Code Change-Not Nursing Most commonly will be used for visits that are billed but verified under the wrong service code. PT01 to PT19
      • Visit Date Change If you a visit verified on 1/10 but it should be 1/11 and now its billed
      • Visit Time Change: Did time attempted traveling occur during the visit? We can set you back to the correct time! 
      • Worker Change: Accidentally verified that PT33 as Bobs therapy company instead of Dill Pickles therapy? Got you!
    • OASIS Changes
      • Recert to DC-Visit Did you recert the patient get recerted and now the doctor is being super nice and refusing to sign for the new cert? RN02 to RN18
      • Recert to TIF Pt hospitalized after the RCT took place and there are no billable visits. RN02 to RN11 + RN44
      • Recert To DC-NO Visit:  This would be a Recert to a RN11 and finally a RN66 
    • Visit Deletion 

  • Hospice
    • HIS We never hear from you hospice, we love you and miss you
    • Bereavement IDG drama llama, we are here for you…unless its urgent please call us
    • Visit Deletion 

Worker All things related to Worker Console

  • Add/Remove Branch Access: Need to have branches added or removed from your profile? Send it here! 
  • Analytics Access:  Lost your ability to view analytics? 
  • Assign Additional Courses: Need to assign an existing employee access to another role? Example: Scheduler to Intake
  • Clinical Supervisor Tablet Access: Need your clin sup to help cover visits in the field? Please understand this has to still go to Sheila and Tamera for approval once the ticket is submitted.
  • Hospice MD Setup-  Hire a MD? Get your email access and promisepoint logins here!
  • Prehire Courses: Have a bonusing employee who would like to complete courses before hire. This must be approved by the powers that be before this is submitted to the helpdesk. 
  • Promisepoint Courses Complete: Has your employee completed all courses? Please submit that here
  • Add/Remove Rapid Reschedule- Have an employee who needs to have Rapid Rescheduled removed or added..You guessed it
  • Incompatible PatientsHave a nurse that never ever wants to see a nurse again? Managers/DONs can submit that here!
  • Other Worker Permissions
  • For Helpdesk use Only*PAF- Please do not use this

Workflow Anything workflow related

  • Delete workflow The following are all workflow items that are just chilling on your workflow that either done need to be processed or are duplicates! 
    • Assign Evaluation Documentation
    • Discharge Patient that is still inpatient at eoe
    • Document preclaim eligibility
    • Other
  • Reset Workflow The following items are when we need workflow reset! 
    • 485 Home Health
      • DX Change 
      • Physician Change
    • ROC Home Health
      • Review ROC Evaluation Documentation
      • Review/Edit Approve Held ROC Order
    • CTI-Hospice
    • F2F-Hospice
    • POC-Hospice 
  • Other Workflow Issues

Misc Items not related to a patient or worker

  • Add/Edit Provider- Need a provider added that is already in the system under another branch? 
  • Analytics Issues – Analytics acting a fool?
  • Payroll Issues-HCHB- Employee not showing up for payroll?
  • PECOS issues- Have a provider that is showing not PECOS enrolled but you were pinky promised they were? 
  • Report Manager- Report questions/Issues….let us help you!
  • Update Branch Contact-  Do your patient info sheets have an old employee listed as the branch contact? Fix that here!

Property Management

  • Office Checklist
  • Signage
  • Furniture
  • Maintenance
    • HVAC
    • Repairs
    • Roof
    • Copier
    • Postage Machine
  • Pest Control
  • Supplies


Mike is working on new templates for the IT side. When those are ready, we will send another email out ????