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How to Dougie

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How to do the 'Dougie' 

Best Songs to Dougie to: “Teach me How to Dougie? - Cali Swag District.

  1. When Music Starts, step right, step left, step right, step right again.
  2. Step left, step right, step left, step left again.
  3. Once you get these basic steps down, now involve the arms, head and the shoulders.
  4. While doing the basic foot step moves, lean back and look over each shoulder.
  5. Look over your right shoulder when you take a step to the right and look over your left shoulder as you step to the left.

How to improve your Dougie Dance

  1. Now include your arms in the mix. At the same time you look over your shoulders (left and right), mime a paw with your hand and push your face to the left and the right without actually touching your face. Keep your elbows close to your body.
  2. As you do this, your head has to be in sync with your arm movements so it almost looks like you’re shaving.
  3. Your basic steps with your head and arm movements must be in sync with each other.
  4. Now, you can do variations like the inside arm role and the side hair brush, while you move side to side.
  5. Finally as you move side to side lower one shoulder and then the other one, vary it up.
  6. With these basic steps, you can put your own style and touch on the Dougie dance. Have Fun!